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Recap: Week 4

This week, I ate two things/meals I shouldn’t have – so I didn’t get to see the 223 number I really wanted.  But, that is okay – I enjoyed my Ben & Jerrys ice cream on Wednesday and my chili bowl & boston creme donut meal on Saturday.  They were nice treats which I don’t regret.

Not much to say this week, but that I did weigh in at 224.1lbs which is a 3.3 loss :)

I still haven’t added exercise yet – this is just pure laziness, no other excuse.  But I do hope to get some in this week.


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Recap: Week 3

I had a really good week and the daily scale hopping showed me that even seeing 223.7.  Alas it was not mean to be when my period decided to make itself known on Friday first with cramps and then…bloat.  By weigh day (Monday), I the scale showed 227.4!

I won’t lie and say it didn’t affect me, it did.  I was not impressed and even though I knew it was just that time of the month, it really made me want to say ‘eff it’ and just remain this unhealthy weight.

But I didn’t.  My period is still here but the scale since Monday has been slowly going back down – I even saw 225.4 this morning.  I hope with clean eating and a bit of exercising, that next Monday I can see that lovely 223 number again :)

Week 3 results: +2.0lbs (TOM)

  • Terri

    Glad to see you haven’t given up and are still working towards your goal. I was googling old blogs I used to read and for some reason I googled you. I was pleasantly surprised when you popped up with new posts.

    I think the last time I read about you, you had recently moved into your new condo. I also recall you going to bootcamps and surprising yourself with how strong you were and what you could really accomplish when you tried. I have no doubt you can see that progress again.

    Speaking about TOM! I am so with you on the constant cycle of bloat, weight gain and cravings. Even though they say it is harder to lose weight after menopause I think at least you don’t have to put up with monthly fluctuations!

    I will be checking back to read about your progress. No reason at all that you can’t reach the goals you want.

    • Trish

      Hi Terri, nice to see you! I am not in the condo anymore, now in a house! Lots of changes since bootcamp not just my weight, lol.

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Recap: Week 2

Week 2 went by without a hitch, even the weekend.  Dad ordered pizza and wigs on Sunday and I had a salad.  I really wanted a slice of pizza and of course it wouldn’t be the end of the world or diet, but I know me.  If I allowed one slice of pizza, I will allow other things.  Right now I’m eating pretty healthy and enjoying it.

Well except for these: Lay’s Chocolate Covered Chips.  I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself! I picked them up, put them down and walked away, but then walked right back and decided I was going to have one.  And that is what I did.  I had one (and it was way smaller than what they showed on their bag) and then gave them to my co-workers.

But yes, I am generally eating healthy :)
I’ve not yet added in any exercise, but that is the plan starting in the weekend;  I got myself one of these lovely Proform Hybrid Elliptical/Recumbant trainers waiting for me in my basement :)

Week 2 results:  -1.6lbs

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Weigh In – Delayed a Day!

The past couple of days, my scale has been jumping around with the numbers it shows me.  This morning, I saw three different ones before getting off, lol.

I believe she (of course it’s a she, the scale is a bitch y’all) needs new batteries and I will officially weigh in tomorrow.

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Recap: Week 1

Although I just posted my first post only moments ago, I have been busy losing weight since January 26th. So let’s recap Week 1 shall we?

As always I find Monday to Fridays pretty easy to keep to a routine.  I used to kind of ‘cheat’ the weigh in system by weighing in on Fridays so that if I couldn’t keep it together on the weekend, I could work my butt off M-F to get any weekend bad food choices back under control.  This time around I am choosing Mondays to hopefully force me to really try to keep on track on the weekends as well.  For week 1, this worked.

My food plan?  All over the place.  I am doing mainly low carb/high fat (i.e. using full fat salad dressings, eating bacon, etc) with greek yoghurt and granola for breakfast and a banana or two throughout the day.  I am feeling full and satisfied with my food choices.  A day’s menu looks like this right now:

Breaky:  100g Oikos greek yoghurt and Nature’s Valley granola
Snack:  banana
Lunch:  Mixed green salad with tomato, steak and caesar salad dressing
Dinner:  3 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of whole grain toast with butter and two eggs
Snack:  banana or apple

I haven’t yet forced the water or disallowed my diet Pepsi.  I know the latter is so bad for me but if I only drink one bottle a day, I’m okay with that.  I also have one coffee each morning with full cream which I do not plan on giving up any time soon.  I feel lost when I do not start my day with a coffee for some reason.

Exercise, there has not been any.  Well except for walking of which I get in 5K-7K steps (M-F) right now (thanks to Fitbit for the stats).  Funny how this little gadget makes me walk around the office more and when I need to go see someone in the office, I find the long way around to do so.  Also funny how I am more cognizant of the stairs in my home.  When I go down them, I now have a habit of going up and back down them one extra time…just because.

Week 1 results:  -6.6lbs

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Unfortunately, I’m Back

I closed down sometime in 2014, though I had really stopped posting here sometime in 2011.  I had gotten to the point where I was just going to live with my weight; I am not trying to impress anyone and I love my life.

But, my back hurts when I walk (especially when shopping), my knees are not happy campers and I cannot stand looking in the mirror at my very bloated face.  Life may be great but I am very unhealthy, so here I am.

I have spent the last hour or so reading old posts* of mine and remembering the ups and downs I had during my journey to lose almost 70lbs.  It took me 4 years to lose that weight and then a couple of years to go from 140 to 160 and down, and up, and down, and up, and up and…up to where I am now (or was as I’ve lost 6.6lbs so far) at 233.6lbs.

So here I am again.  Hopefully it won’t take 4 years this time and this time I keep it off.

* Old posts can be found on my personal blog inamood under the Health & Fitness tag.

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